How do the principles of Jainism influence Indian thinking?

Jainism is an ancient religion and it has its own philosophy which has been influencing Indian thought. Jainism thinks that the world is real, and the spirit is also real. It has a theory of karma which explains the interaction between soul and nature. It also preaches Ahimsa ( non-violence) and aparigraha (non-storage). It has also influenced the Shaiva and Vaishnava cults. Jainism preaches intellectual tolerance and has a practical appreciation of all living. Jainism has never believed in miracles and has tried to give practical solutions. In the sphere of arts and culture also, the Jains have contributed a lot. The Jain authors wrote their books in Ardhamagadhi and were instrumental in popularising local languages. Jains also spread vegetarianism and wanted to make the task of the missionaries easier.

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