How did Valli fulfil her desire to ride a bus to the town and back?

Valli was an eight-year-old girl who had a strong desire to take a bus ride. She heard the people around talking about bus rides and silently gathered all the information required before she took her first ride. She saved every single penny possible so that she could take a return journey in the bus. Eventually, one afternoon when Valli’s mother was taking an afternoon nap post lunch, Valli sneaked out of the house for her first bus ride. 

She boarded the bus on her own and shunned the conductor when he offered help and called her ‘madam’. She stood up on the seat to enjoy the views around the bus when she could not see them clearly while sitting. 

On her return journey, she enjoyed the same natural sights around but her face fell when she saw a dead cow hit by a fast moving vehicle. The memory of the dead cow haunted Valli. She no longer wanted to see out of the window and kept sitting on her seat until her village came. She got down and wished the conductor to see him again. The conductor smiled. He told Valli that whenever she felt like riding the bus she could come and join them.

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