How did the narrator come to know Ranga’s views about marriage? Why was he distressed to know them?

A large number of people came to have a look at Ranga when he came back home. The narrator was also amongst them. When everyone left, he went to Ranga and greeted him. Ranga came near him and did a ‘namaskara’ respectfully in a traditional manner. He bent low and touched his feet. The narrator blessed him, “May you get married soon.” After exchanging a few jokes he left.

That afternoon Ranga came to the narrator’s house with a couple of oranges. The narrator thought it would be a fine thing to have such a considerate and generous fellow marry, settle down and be of service to the society. He asked Ranga when he plans to get married. Ranga said that he was not going to get married. He said that he was against traditional arranged marriage. He must find the right girl. The girl must be one that he admired and who was mature. He had decided not to marry since it was difficult to find the right girl. The narrator was distressed to know that the boy who he thought would be a good husband had decided to remain a bachelor.

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