How did the ironmaster react on seeing the stranger lying close to the furnace?

On seeing the stranger lying close to the furnace, the ironmaster went closer to him and looked at him carefully. He removed his slouch hat to get an even closer look at him. As the light was low and due to the peddler’s unkempt appearance, the ironmaster thought him to be Nils Olof, one of his old regimental comrades. The ironmaster was happy to see an ‘old friend’ so, he invited the peddler to his home for the Christmas celebration. When the peddler declined his invitation, the ironmaster insisted saying that the former was more than welcome in his humble abode. The ironmaster thought that his ‘old friend’ was embarrassed about his current situation because of which he did not want to come. The ironmaster felt sorry for the man in rags so, he persisted in trying to bring him home with him. However, when the peddler still refused to accept his invitation, the ironmaster sent his daughter to persuade his ‘old friend’.

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