How did the instructor turn Douglas into a swimmer?

Bit by bit, the instructor turned Douglas into a swimmer. Initially, he put a belt around Douglas and the attached rope went through a pulley that ran on an overhead cable. He held on to the rope and went back and forth across the pool until Douglas began to relax in the water. Next, the instructor taught Douglas to put his face underwater and exhale and to raise his nose and inhale. They practised this until Douglas stopped panicking about putting his head underwater. Then Douglas learnt to kick in the water. At first, he was terror-stricken but continuous practice with his instructor made Douglas lose his fear of water and emerge as a confident swimmer.


Douglas’ instructor was a dedicated person. He took immense pain and drove fear out of Douglas’ mind by making him practice hard. He made Douglas practice for five days a week, an hour every day. First, he taught him to swim up and down by tying a rope to a pulley, then the breathing exercise and finally, he made him kick his legs. He taught him different steps one by one and then asked him to swim. Finally, Douglas was able to overcome his fear of water and he became a good swimmer through rigorous and systematic practice five days a week.

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