Griffin is a talented scientist but he misused his invention. The lesson we learn from his example is that the misuse of a scientific discovery can play havoc with humanity. Explain.

A true scientist works for the good of humanity. He wants to make man’s life easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. He doesn’t misuse his discoveries for personal gains or selfish ends. But Griffin, though a brilliant scientist, misuses his discovery. Through his experiments, he has been able to make his body transparent and invisible. He uses his discovery to puzzle people, enters stores and shops unseen, robs people of their money or things and escapes. He sets fire to the house of his landlord. He steals food, sweets, wine etc. It shows that the misuse of a scientific discovery can disturb the peace of society. Such a scientist will use his invention for self-interest and for taking revenge upon the people around him, he won’t honour the law and thus will become a lawless person.

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