Give the character sketch of Horace Danby.

Horace Danby, a fifty-year-old bachelor, was widely regarded as a good and honourable citizen, with a generally content and cheerful demeanour, except during his summer battles with hay fever. He earned a living by crafting locks and found success in his business. While Horace projected an image of goodness and respectability, he harboured a hidden secret – he wasn’t entirely honest.

Deep within, Horace nurtured a profound passion for rare and expensive books. His scheming mind allowed him to meticulously plan robberies with a systematic precision, analyzing every minute detail. Remarkably, despite his clandestine activities, he remained undetected and evaded capture. A rather curious aspect of Horace’s criminal career was that he exclusively targeted the wealthy, ensuring that he never caused harm to anyone in the process. Notably, he refrained from carrying any weapon during his heists, relying on his wit and cunning.

Each year, like clockwork, Horace orchestrated a single safe burglary, yielding him a treasure trove of valuable books that sustained his literary desires for the next twelve months. Ingeniously, he managed to procure the books he cherished through a discreet agent, keeping his prized collection a well-kept secret from the prying eyes of suspicion.

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