Give examples of prominent water divides from different parts of the world.

A water divide, also known as a drainage divide or watershed divide, is a topographic boundary separating two adjacent catchment basins. Rainwater falling on one side of a divide will flow into one basin, while water falling on the other side will flow into a different basin. Here are some examples of prominent water divides from around the world:

1. The Continental Divide of the Americas (Great Divide): This is perhaps the most famous divide in the Western Hemisphere. It runs along the Rocky Mountains in North America. Water to the west of this divide flows to the Pacific Ocean, while water to the east flows into the Atlantic or Arctic Oceans.

2. The Eastern Continental Divide: Located in eastern North America, water to the west of this divide flows into the Gulf of Mexico, while water to the east flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

3. The Himalayan Divide: This divide runs along the Himalayan Mountains. To the south, rivers like the Ganges and Brahmaputra flow into the Bay of Bengal. To the north, rivers flow into the Tibetan Plateau and onwards to various destinations like the Yellow Sea or the Arabian Sea.

4. The Urals Divide: The Ural Mountains in Russia mark the divide between the watersheds draining into the Arctic Ocean to the north and those flowing into the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea to the south.

5. The Great Dividing Range: Located in Australia, this is the main watershed divide running mostly parallel to the east coast. Rivers to the east of the range, such as the Brisbane River and the Murray-Darling, generally flow into the Pacific Ocean, while those to the west flow inland, often evaporating in the continent’s dry interior or ending in salt lakes.

6. The Drakensberg Divide: In southern Africa, the Drakensberg Mountains act as a divide. To the east, rivers flow into the Indian Ocean, while to the west, they flow into the Atlantic.

7. The Alps: In Europe, the Alps serve as a significant water divide. For instance, the Rhone River flows westward into the Mediterranean Sea, while the Rhine flows northward into the North Sea.

8. The Tindouf Basin Divide: In North Africa, the Tindouf Basin acts as a divide between watersheds draining into the Atlantic Ocean and those that flow into the Sahara’s interior.

Remember, not all water divides are prominent mountain ranges. Some can be subtle ridgelines or highlands. The key characteristic is that they serve as boundaries between watersheds.

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