Elaborate the idea that one should learn to accept and let go and not stick to something that we can not have.

It is important for everyone to experience to accept the loss and be bold and get on with life. Staying strong is the only way to survive. One should understand that the past is gone and will never come back. Sometimes loss helps us in growing up and we are able to face hardships. We also learn to accept and let go and do not stick to something which we can not have.

In the poem, a little boy lost his only proud possession, i.e. his ball. He is learning what is like to experience grief when he loses a beloved possession – his ball. He is deeply grieved due to the loss. The poet too feels that it is of no use to purchase another ball. He must feel his responsibility of the loss. The poet makes the boy understand his responsibilities as the loss is immaterial. Money is external as it cannot buy memories, nor can it replace the things that we love, the things that really matter.

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