Write a short note on Education by Accretion or Storage.

According to this view, education is the process of gradually filling up the empty mind of the child with grains of knowledge. The teacher’s mind and the books are the store-houses of mental granary of the child. This is called the gold-sack theory. The books and the teacher are the sources of the springs of knowledge. From these sources the stream of knowledge is to be piped into the empty vassal of the child’s mind. This is humorously called the pipeline theory. Obviously education and knowledge is regarded as the ultimate educational aim.

The supporters of the theory of education by accretion hold that knowledge is essential means of prompting human welfare. With the invention of the conventional symbols of language, it was easy to record, pressure and to transmit human experiences systematically.

The theory is really narrow and unsound. It neglects the essential elements in the theory of knowledge. It regards knowledge as information of facts and statements to be condensed into compact and logical forms and memorized by the pupils.

This theory is quite un-psychological as it neglects the child who is to be educated, his innate equipments for bearing, his inherited potentialities, propensities, attitudes and abilities, the psychological processes and products of learning.

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