Discuss the evidence that suggests that Brahmanical prescriptions about kinship and marriage were not universally followed.

Brahamanical prescription about the kinship: The family was represented by the term ‘Kula’. Some of the features of the family were : The members of the same family often share food and other resources. They generally live and work together. They perform the rituals together. The familial ties used to define a larger network of kinfolks.

Some of the prescriptions about the marriage are:

  1. Their marriage outside their clan was considered desirable. This practice was known as Exogamy.
  2. Women had no rightful claim to the resources of their households.

Women generally did not have any share in the property of their parents. However, they have the right to possess some forms of wealth:

  1. The gifts that she received during her marriage were possessed by her and she has the sole right over them.
  2. These gifts can be carried forward to her children and her husband had no right over them.

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