Did the author believe in the prophetic ability of Frau Frieda?

Frau Frieda possessed an understanding of her dreams and the ability to foretell the destinies of family members, which led to her employment in a devout Viennese household. It was during this period that she encountered the author. When the author later inquired about her whereabouts, she cryptically responded, “I sell my dreams.” This response caused the author to place unwavering faith in Frau Frieda’s prophetic powers, prompting him to heed her advice and leave Vienna five years ago. However, the author now discloses that his departure from Vienna was motivated by other factors, not due to any unsettling dream or guidance from Frau Frieda. This revelation leads the author to suspect that Frau Frieda may be employing deceptive tactics to sustain her profession of selling dreams, causing him to question the authenticity of her prophecies and leaving him disillusioned.

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