Describe some of the distinctive features of Mohenjodaro.

Some of the distinctive features of the Mohenjodaro are:

  1. The settlements in the Mohenjodaro were divided into two sections. The first section was at the higher level but was smaller in expansion. On the other hand, the second section was at the lower level but was larger in expansion. The upper section was designated as the citadel by the archaeologist and the lower section was known as the Lower Town.
  2. The streets and towns in the cities were laid out in a grid pattern intersecting at the right angles. The streets had proper drains at regular intervals having a fixed pattern.
  3. There was the discovery of The Great Bath which was a rectangular tank. It was located in a courtyard surrounded by walls on all four sides.The steps leading to the tank was present on the north as well as the south. The rooms were also present on the three sides of the structure.

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