What are the consequences of communalism in India?

Communalism leads to the great danger to our society which spoils the harmonious and peaceful environment to pollute. Following are some of the consequences of communalism in India:

  1. It generates hatred and animosity for others.
  2. Communalism encourage prejudices and hostile attitude towards fellow Indians.
  3. It also creates discrimination among each other.
  4. It leads to violence, interpersonal conflicts and communal riots.
  5. It hinders the social peace, an economic prosperity and economic growth.
  6. It damages our image in an inter-national platform that the world nations do not co-operate and collaborate such a communal nation.
  7. Communalism does not serve the purpose of national interest, national unity and solidarity.
  8. Communalism does not allow us to get best services from the excellent people from different communities.
  9. Communalism promotes the sectarian characters in a society.
  10. Communalism enables the people to think above the national interest and personal gains and think to be more important than the nation.

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