What are the consequences of Communalism in India?

The consequences of communalism would be grave and could destroy the social fabric of society. Following are some of the consequences of communalism in India.

  1. Communalism leads to hatred and aggression against others.
  2. It creates prejudices and builds stereotypes about certain communities.
  3. It encourages hostility and provokes violent behavior causing clashes and riots.
  4. It does not extract the maximum potential out of each individual of each community from society.
  5. Riots lead to disruption of economic and social activities and affects the smooth functioning of businesses.
  6. It tarnishes the image of the country affecting the country’s international trade, investments and other interests.
  7. It hinders the objective of social harmony, national unity and security.
  8. It alienates and isolates members of certain communities making the atmosphere suspicious and difficult.

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