Compare and contrast the dharma or norms mentioned in the stories of Drona, Hidimba and Matanga.

Drona was a teacher. Once a capable archer came to him to learn archery. His name was Eklavya. He was a very talented archer but belonged to the low caste of Nishadas. Seeing his extraordinary capability Guru Drona was surprised. As Guru Drona has given his word to the Arjuan to make him the greatest archer of the world, he asked for the right thumb of Eklavya in guru-dakshina. Eklavya gave his thumb but he could not remain as efficient as he was before.

Hidimba belonged to the class of rakhas. She fell in love with Bhima and urged him to marry her. Seeing her love as pure Bhima’s elder brother Yudhishthira gave him the permission to marry her but on certain conditions.

Mattanga was a Bodhisatta who was born in the family of the Chanadala. He married Dittha Mangalika who was the daughter of the merchant. They had a son named Mandavya Kumar. When he started to grow up he learnt three Vedas and also started offering food to 16,000 Brahamanas every day. One-day Mantanga arrived at his son’s house and begged for food. Mandavya refused to provide food to Matanga because he looks like an outcaste and the food is meant for Brahamanas. On these words of Mandavya, Matunga gave a sharp reply to him after which he was thrown out by Mandavya.

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