Compare and contrast the characters of Great and Mighty Think Tank and Noodle.

Noodle and Think-Tank have contrasting characters. Think-Tank likes to be called the ‘Great and the Mighty’. He is the ruler of planet Mars but is foolish and arrogant. He orders and commands and cannot tolerate a word against him. He has no intelligence for he thinks books are sandwiches and then tries to justify his interpretations. He is wrong about everything. He demands that the crew obey him. He likes to pass on others’ ideas as his own. He is a coward who simply boasts about his power.

Noodle, his apprentice, on the other hand, is very clever and wise. He corrects the mistakes of the ruler, Think-Tank, very gently. He never takes credit for his ideas. He is intelligent and sensible, and an appropriate one in Think Tank’s kingdom. Several times we see how Mighty Think-Tank discredits Noodle’s words and calls them trifling. Both their names contradict their nature.

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