“Banks are efficient medium of exchange.” Support the statement with arguments.

Banks indeed play a vital role as an efficient medium of exchange, facilitating economic activity within a country and globally. The primary function of banks is to mobilize savings and channel them into productive uses, creating a seamless flow of funds from those who have surplus to those in need.

Firstly, banks accept deposits from individuals and businesses that have surplus funds. These depositors earn interest on their deposits, incentivizing them to save and invest their excess funds rather than keeping them idle.

Secondly, banks maintain a portion of these deposits as reserves, typically around 15%, to cater to the daily withdrawal needs of the depositors. This reserve ratio allows banks to provide depositors with access to their funds on demand, while simultaneously utilizing a substantial portion of deposits for lending activities.

Thirdly, banks use the remaining funds to provide loans to individuals, businesses, and government entities. These loans support a multitude of activities, ranging from personal needs such as buying a house or financing education, to business requirements like expanding operations, or funding public projects at a government level. By offering loans, banks effectively facilitate the transfer of money from savers to borrowers, enabling economic development and growth.

Banks also provide numerous other services that contribute to their role as an efficient medium of exchange. These include facilitating transactions through payment gateways, offering secure methods for money transfer, and providing financial instruments such as checks and debit cards that allow easy exchange of money.

In essence, banks serve as a pivotal link in the economic ecosystem, seamlessly facilitating the transfer of funds between various economic agents. They convert idle funds into productive capital, stimulate economic activity, and contribute to overall economic growth and stability.

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