As Valli, make a diary entry sharing your joys and disappointments during the bus ride.

Wednesday, 27th April, 20XX

9:00 P.M

Dear Diary,

I feel delighted today as my deep desire of riding the bus is fulfilled. What a thrilling ride it was! I enjoyed all the interesting images through the window. I stood up on the seat to have a clearer view of the canal, the palm trees, the mountains and the green fields. It looked so amazing when the trees seemed to be running towards me and then again seemed to rush away in the other direction. The bus went past the railway station, and when the bus entered the thoroughfare, I saw all the bright looking shops and glittering displays of clothes and other merchandise. There was a huge crowd. But what really tickled me and gave me maximum joy was a young cow. It was running very fast in the middle of the road in front of the bus with her tail high up in the air. I laughed and laughed until there were tears in my eyes. But it was so painful to see the same young cow lying dead by the road side while returning back. It was a depressing sight. What was so beautiful and loveable a little while back, had turned into a ghastly sight. The dead cow’s memory haunted me so much so that I glued to my seat until the bus reached the village. Now I realize that my trip to the town added to my knowledge and made me wiser.


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