As a reader do you sympathise with Matilda? Give reasons from the text to support your answer.

Matilda, according to me, is one of the best delineated human character. Matilda’s only flaw was her pride in her dazzling beauty. But this is very normal amongst humans. Matilda belonged to a lower middle class family and accepted a humble position even in marriage. Had she been unduly ambitious she may not have allowed herself to get married to a clerk. It is sad that her beauty caused all her misfortunes. First, it made her unhappy and discontented as a materialistic woman. Secondly, for its sake she sacrificed her moderately sound life to a life of toil and struggle. Beauty had made her proud but not selfish. Finally, Matilda rose above all her flaws, felt no regret for her lost beauty and emerges out as a character par-excellence.

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