What are the advantages of television advertising?

Television provides the ability to communicate sight, sound, motion and emotion. The viewer can instantly see the product, view it in a variety of situations, determine how it can be of benefit to their application and leave them with a lasting impression on the business.

Advantages of Television Advertising:

1. Creativity

The interaction of sight and sound offers tremendous creative flexibility and makes possible dramatic, life like representations of production services. TV commercials can be used to convey a mood or image for a brand as well as to develop emotional or entertaining appeals that help make a dull product appear interesting. Television is also an excellent medium for demonstrating a product or service.

2. Wide Coverage

Everyone, regardless of age, gender, income or educational level, watches TV at least for some time. Marketers selling products and services that appeal to broad target audience find that TV allows them to reach mass markets. TV is popular medium among companies selling mass consumption products. Companies with widespread distribution and availability of their products and services use TV to reach the mass market and deliver their advertising.

3. Selectivity

Proper slot must be selected to telecast the ad and it is due to variations in the composition of audiences as a result of programme content, broadcast time and geographical coverage. For example, Sunday morning TV caters to children, Saturday and Sunday afternoon programmes are geared to sports oriented male and week daytime shows heavily to homemakers.

4. Demonstration

The demonstration of the product can be shown through television advertisement. It will encourage viewers to purchase the product. Eg Maggi is shown how it is being made in 2 minutes. Easy to cook good to eat.

5. Ability to Create Humor

Television advertisement generates humor among general audience. As it ads audio, video and jingles. It attracts the customer and thus they may take a decision of purchasing the product.

6. Can Reach Illiterates

The ads shown on television are in different languages and since it has audio effects the illiterates can also be attracted to see and understand the ad. Many of the social advertisements are shown on television to generate awareness among illiterates.

7. Low Per Person Cost

As lakhs of people watch the ad at a time the per person cost is less. Eg Doordarshan National Channel is watched by lakhs of people especially in rural areas.

8. Captures International Market

Certain channels are shown at international level and thus the ad can be telecasted to other countries too. Therefore, Indian companies may get the orders and popularity from other countries.

9. Repetition

The same ad can be repeatedly shown on television. It increases the chances of people viewing the ad and hence the popularity of the product increases. It can also create top of mind awareness.

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