9 Advantages of Radio in Education

Radio is used mainly to broadcast events to far and wide places of the world. It acts as the medium of mass communication. It is also an important source of entertainment. Students listen various talks, discussions, and debates from radio which are extremely important and useful for them. Many programmes are broadcasted over radio for the purpose of teaching. Thus radio act as a great recreational and educational force. It helps in the following manner:

Advantages of Radio in Education

  1. It enhances listening participation in different disciplines and current events.
  2. It is an effective means of presenting music, drama, current events, discussions and talks etc.
  3. It provides opportunity for students’ participation in different programmes such as quiz competition, travel talks, plays, stories, development of lessons, projects work in the form of team teaching.
  4. Well planned radio broadcasts are presented to engage the active participation of the local teachers and pupils.
  5. Educational radio can offer corrective programmes for self learning by the individual.
  6. Special events and occurrence can be brought immediately to the students.
  7. Different items of the school subjects can be presented in the form of dramatization, dialogue, musical features and so on.
  8. Through broadcasts suggestions the students may be encouraged to carry follow up discussions or creative activities.
  9. Breaking all the boundaries it can reach the students while at work, in the playground, at the drawing room, at the recreational centers etc.

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