Your class had to conduct a Morning Assembly. Write an account of how you prepared for it, what your role was and what you gained from the experience

Conducting A Morning Assembly

It was the first Saturday of January when my class teacher called me and informed me that our class had to conduct the morning assembly next week. I was a bit nervous in the beginning as I am stage-shy but then I decided to accept the challenge and bid farewell to my fear. I went back to the class and informed everyone about it.

Now, I wanted the names of the students who would help me in conducting it. The response was good and many of them raised their hands. I made two groups of five students each to go to the stage on different days. I, myself, decided to take the slot where I had to say a ‘Thought for the Day’ which would inspire the students. I allotted the duty of announcing the current affairs to the monitor and that of ‘enriching vocabulary’ to two of the boys who had a good command of it.

Then, we all were head over heels into it to give our best in the assembly. I looked for many thoughts in various books, jotted them down and pondered over the ones which would have the desired effect of motivating the students. I took the help of my mother as well and after selecting one, I learnt it by heart.

The day arrived. I was well-prepared but had cold feet. My group-mates were also well-prepared but did not seem a bit disturbed. They were not at all nervous. I also decided to put on a brave front and say no to fear which was gripping my heart as I went towards the stage.

I felt my legs shaky, hands trembling and ears turning crimson. But keeping a bold face, we all reached the stage. We all gave our best performance. I didn’t forget any word while reciting the thought and was happy about that. It was then that I realised that fear is only a stage of mind.

All, we have to fear is fear itself. We should never let fear take advantage out of it. After that week, I am always the first one to raise my hand whenever the turn of our class comes to conduct the Morning Assembly. It was an enriching and memorable experience.

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