You will probably agree that this story does not have breathless adventure and exciting action. Then what in your opinion makes it interesting?

The thing of crazy streak in Garoghlanian family makes the story interesting. Though, the story does not have breathless adventure and exciting action, it forms delightful reading. It begins in a mood of nostalgia and takes us back to the memories of our own childhood when the world was full of every imaginable kind of magnificence, and life was still a delightful and mysterious dream. The narrator relates an incident which took place when he was nine. Everything is narrated from a child’s point of view. For instance, his cousin Mourad steals a horse. In his childlike innocence, the narrator believes that stealing a horse for a ride is not stealing at all if one is crazy about horses like Mourad. Again, he agrees with Mourad to return the horse to its true owner; but insists on keeping the horse till he learns to ride. Like the mind of a child, the story moves at a leisurely pace. The narrator never seems to be in a hurry to bring the story to its conclusion. The story moves at a trotting pace, whether it is the description of their early morning ride, or the portrayal of the character of their uncle Khosrove, or the delightful conversation between their uncle Khosrove and the farmer John Byro. The humorous incidents like uncle Khosrove’s reaction when his son tells him their house is on fire, add to the interest of the story and make it a delightful reading.

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