You walk home from school one afternoon to find the door unlocked and on entering you are shocked to see the house in total disarray. You call out but get no answer. Describe in detail what you saw, the reason behind your house being in total disarray and how you found your family. Mention also how the experience ended and what impact it had on your life.

It was Tuesday afternoon when I walked towards home from my school, which was just 1 km. But since it was summer, I was feeling tired and thirsty, so I started walking fast to reach home quickly. Then I would ask my mother to make a glass of buttermilk for me.

On reaching the main gate, I saw two men rushing out on a red colour Pulsar. When they saw me they pushed me hard and I fell on the floor on my back. But thank god I didn’t get hurt. So I started shouting “Mom, Mom “and I rushed towards the main door.

The door was slightly closed; with one push, I opened the door. There I saw everything scattered on the floor, the sofa cushions, the books fallen from the rack, the flower vase broken. I got very tensed and nervous and started crying for my mother, but there was no reply.

Then I started calling out “Pinky Di, Pinki Di” who was our full-time maid. At last, I heard a little fainting sound of hmm … help, help. I tried to trace out the sound. It was coming from the kitchen. The door of the kitchen was shut. When I opened it from outside I saw Pinky Di tied in the corner. Her hands were tied with the pole and her mouth with a big handkerchief. I released her hands and mouth. She took a deep breath and informed me that my mom had gone to visit one relative, who was admitted to a hospital.

These two fellows came enquiring about my dad who is a builder. When the maid said that Sahib was not there, they enquired about my mother telling her that they are from my father’s village. My maid informed them that even Memsahib was not there. They fooled her and asked her to get them a glass of water. The moment she turned towards the kitchen, they took out a big knife and tied her in the kitchen.

Then they started searching for a file of my father’s business. They searched here and there. At last, they went into my parent’s bedroom. There they found a pink file. It contained some important documents. Knowing the whole incident, I immediately called my mother and father, both of whom came rushing home. After thorough checking, we came to know that only the pink file was missing. All the jewellery and cash were untouched.

My father just thanked God that nothing serious happened to any family members. Then, my father informed the police and filed a report against the theft of important papers. It was a disputed matter of property that my father had purchased in resale. It was a terrible experience. That night not only me, but none of us could sleep well. At least our lives were saved. We thanked God for that.

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