You have returned to your city after spending five years in a foreign country. Your city has changed during your absence. Describe the changes that have affected the life of people in the city. Give your personal views regarding the changes.

I was away from my motherland studying in the Netherlands, doing my MBA. After five long years of separation from my home, parents, friends, my city Delhi, had attracted me to return back to India and join my father’s business. The moment I landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport which astonished me, I saw the staff, the crew, the porters, everybody carrying cell phones and talking in a pleasing manner. They all sounded very courteous and polite to the passengers. My father was waiting for me outside in the arrival section. Even his dressing style, hairstyle had changed a lot. Once upon a time, he was always in a traditional Indian dress; now he was wearing a tailored three-piece suit with a thick golden chain, bracelet and carrying a smartphone. Oh Lord! What a drastic change! I was wondering: Is that, my dad? When he asked me to come forward, he helped me in carrying my luggage. To my surprise, a black Mercedes Benz stood just before me, with a chauffeur opening the door of the car for me. He greeted me “Good evening, Sir”. For a moment I was in the fantasy bit confused thinking was I in India or in Netherland? Then my father broke the silence saying this car is a gift to me from his side. When we came out of the airport, I saw many changes like the city was much cleaner, with three-lane roads, improved traffic lights. A lot of greenery, good footpaths, underground wires of electricity, big and huge cars, sports cars replacing Maruti 800, big malls, showrooms, systematic parking dotted the city. So many changes in mere five years? What if I would have returned after 10 years? Delhi would have changed to Europe, Singapore or Dubai.

All pedestrians were well dressed. There were no beggars, cycle-rickshaws, auto-rickshaws on VIP and International airports. All STD’s, PCO’s, Dot phones were replaced by cell phones and the Internet was being used by everyone. When I reached home, my mom who was a shy person, welcomed me in western clothes. My home’s interior, exterior, nearly everything had changed. In the evening, some of my friends came to meet me. Even they were wearing designer’s clothes, carrying smartphones, tabs and possessing expensive cars. Sometimes changes are intolerable, but which country or its people protest against the development of a nation? Everybody needs a change. If the change brings development and prosperity to my country, even I don’t mind becoming a part of it. All these changes delighted me. And I would end my essay by saying that changes are always for the betterment.

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