You had been waiting outside the examination hall. Describe what you saw and the sounds you heard when you arrived at the place. What were your feelings? Describe how the scene changed once you entered the hall and the examination started.

Today, 26th February, 20XX our Board examinations have begun and each one of us went forward to the examination hall with the idea that we would do very well. Our hearts were throbbing and we were feeling a great thrill in our hearts, about what we would get in the form of an examination paper.

All the boys and girls gathered at the examination hall before the starting of the examination. The parents were guiding them, as to how they should be writing their answers to the questions. Even friends were advising each other. Parents told them about their own experiences. They also gave them some examination tips.

All the students were thinking about the nature of the questions. They formed small groups on the benches in the verandah or on the green ground. As soon as they met some intelligent student, they surrounded him/her and cleared their confusion and doubts.

There were some candidates who had no fear of an examination. They were carefree and without anxiety. For them, the examination was not more than a play. They were making fun as, usual. They teased those who were busy with their books. They laughed at them and called them ‘bookworms.

All of us were talking to each other. At that very moment, the superintendent entered the hall and asked everybody to keep quiet. He also announced that those of us, who were having any papers with us, should keep those things away and take the examination without any notes or help material in our possession.

When we had taken our seats, five minutes before the examination, the answering sheets were distributed. We were instructed to put our roll numbers, unique id etc. five minutes later. Question papers were delivered to us and we took the question papers with shaky hands. I could see many students bowing their heads in prayer that the question paper might be easy. As soon as the question papers had been distributed, the atmosphere of the hall became quiet. Each student was concentrating on reading the question paper and within 10 minutes time, pens began moving on the answer books. While we were writing, invigilators were moving to and fro between the rows of seats. I felt very scared when they passed me.

The early hours of the examination were very quiet but towards the end of the examination, some students tried to glance to their right and left. They used under-tones to get some help from their neighbours. Some students also tried to get out the answers and, therefore, the invigilators were very active and moved about with suspicious glances. I was, however, busy writing answers carefully and had sufficient time to revise. When the time was over, answer books were handed over to the invigilators and then once more, with a sigh of relief, we moved out of the examination hall.

Thank god I have fared quite well. It was a good experience, which I don’t mind sharing with you all. Please wish me the best of luck with my results.

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