Write the opinions of Lexy, Proserpine, Burgess and Marchbanks about Morell. Whose opinion is the most accurate representation of his actual self?

Lexy worships Morell. He is deeply in awe of Morell. He considers Morell as perfect and tries to imitate his actions and words to impress others.

Proserpine considers Morell as a person who is in love with his wife. However, he praises her much more than what she actually deserves and thus makes a fool of himself in front of everyone. Otherwise, he is an intelligent and a perfect person.

Burgess considers Morell as a fool who is lost in the illusion that socialism will uplift the poor and make Earth as Heaven.

Marchbanks considers Morell as a hypocrite who talks about socialism but just to gain popularity. He preaches that everyone is equal but in reality, he lets his wife do all the dirty work while he sits and preaches in his office. He talks about his happy married life but has never bothered to check whether Candida is happy with him or not. He assumed that since he is happy, so must Candida be.

In my opinion, Marchbanks opinion about Morell is the closest representation of his actual self.

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