Write an original short story that illustrates the truth of the statement, “One lie leads to another”.

A true person is always free of the burden that he does not lie. But a liar is a person who always hides his follies by starting up with a single lie that leads to another and keeps on multiplying endlessly like any parasite, like Bacteria or a cancer germ.

I fail to understand why people tell a lie, why don’t they stick to the fair truth which is just enough for facing the world? Here is a story of a teenager named Ramesh, whose single lie leads him to death as punishment.

Ramesh belonged to a middle-class family. His father was a salesman in one private firm and his mother was a housewife, who did little tailoring business. She used to stitch some clothes at home for her neighbours. Ramesh also had a younger sister who was about six years younger than him. His parents worked very hard to cover the family expenses. But Ramesh was somehow pampered by his mother. She used to fulfil his every wish, without his father’s knowledge.

All his school friends were rich, they used to tease him every day. One fine day, Ramesh decided to teach them a lesson. He spoke to some people about this who asked him for five thousand rupees. It was really impossible for him to get from home. So, without his parents’ knowledge, he borrowed money from one money-lender who told him to keep some security against loans. So, he stole the property papers from the safe and kept them as a mortgage with the money-lender.

He then got his schoolmates beaten up by hiring the professionals. All school-mates were sincerely injured while one was critical. He was rushed to the hospital but he died due to the injuries. The rest of the school-mates launched an F.I.R. against Ramesh. When Police came to his home, he bravely lied to the police that he was not responsible for all this, because he was out of town at his uncle’s marriage. When the police inquired about his bus ticket or train ticket as his proof, he lied to them that he tore it and threw it in the garbage. When he was asked about his uncle address, first he said Delhi, then he said Noida, then he said his uncle had left for the USA.

So, this way he kept lying. Finally, the police arrested him and took him to the Police Station. His father was called to the Police Station. This father demanded bail but he had no money. He wanted to deposit his house papers as security, which was missing from home. His wife said that she had no idea about the papers. And here, Ramesh didn’t inform his parents about the money-lender. He was lying all the time that he was innocent.

Since his parents couldn’t arrange for five lakh rupees, he was sentenced to death and still, Ramesh didn’t speak out the truth. At last, the court ordered Ramesh to be hanged till death. Now it was too late for him to admit the reality. So, he had to take death in the end.

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