Write an original short story that begins with words: “It’s not my fault”, he shouted..

It’s not my fault, he shouted saying, “it’s my son Tarun’s fault. Please leave me alone, don’t blame me for all this”. Raman left the place and walked out of the Police Station. He was heartbroken and feeling tired, it seemed as if he was going to faint within few seconds. He fell down on the ground crying for water….

Luckily Salim, Raman’s neighbour, was passing by when he saw a man lying on the ground crying for water that he ran to give him. Then he realized that it was his neighbour, Raman. He immediately made him drink some water and splashed some on his face too. With the help of two people, Salim managed to take back Raman to his home.

Raman’s wife Asha was shocked to see her husband in this condition. Salim told her that Raman was found in this condition, just outside the Police Station. Then Salim asked Asha where their son Tarun was? We should immediately call the doctor without delay.

Hearing this, Asha started crying and said that it was all Tarun’s fault. He was responsible for his father’s condition. Meanwhile, Salim’s wife Heena came in and she informed Salim that Tarun was caught in a bank robbery and the police had taken Tarun and Raman to the Police Station.

Tarun was in a bad company of some unemployed boys who were pick-pocketers and gamblers. Tarun was always in their bad company. Today, they had planned to rob the Bank of India, but in C.C. Footage, police traced them and caught Tarun for investigation.

Raman wanted to save Tarun. Unnecessarily the police blamed Raman and took him along with them. They were blaming Raman as their mastermind behind the robbery. The ladies couldn’t stop the police from doing their interrogation. They said that they were praying to God to save Raman out of it.

Salim was a criminal lawyer, who fought for the innocence of Raman, and got Tarun punished for all this. Now, Raman has no relation with his only son, Tarun, and says bravely, “My upbringing was not at fault. I am not at fault, then tell me who is at fault? We parents or Tarun’s destiny? I will make sure that no other boy in my neighbourhood turns out to the like Tarun”.

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