Write an original short story that begins with the words: “It was raining hard that night. In my hurry to get into the house I didn’t notice the black car parked across the road , I realised something was wrong when…..”

The Unknown Help

It was raining hard that night. In a hurry to get into the house, I didn’t notice the black car parked across the road. I realised something was wrong when all of a sudden the car started honking continuously without a stop. I just turned to see who was there honking continuously? To my surprise, I found a small boy of about 3 years was doing that and was crying constantly on the front seat, besides driver’s seat.

I ran towards the car to find out, why the child was honking non-stop. It was very dark. There was no light on the streets. I somehow managed to light my mobile torch. When I reached the car, I could hear a baby crying. I peeped inside and saw a young father of the child fainted on the driver’s seat and the child falling on him and crying. I told the child to open the door of the car, but he didn’t, instead, he got more scared and started shouting.

When I went to the driver’s door, it was open. I tried to wake that man but he didn’t answer. I saw that the man was damped in sweat, his eyes closed and his head resting on the steering of the car, which made continuous honking. Whereas the child kept crying Papa, Papa,… First I examined his nose, he was breathing very slowly. Then I checked his pulse rate which was very low. I immediately called the Police and also an Ambulance.

Meanwhile, I called my father and mother from home. They came and covered the child on their lap. The child was crying continuously. My mother somehow managed to take him to our home. Meanwhile, the police and ambulance both arrived at the spot. The man was rushed to the nearby hospital.

From his pocket, doctors handed over his mobile phone to the police. The police found his wife’s number and informed her about the location and condition of her husband. She immediately inquired about her child. The police told her that child was in safe hands and gave her my address. Within half an hour she reached our place and we handed over her child to her. Then we all rushed to the hospital and were told by the doctors that the man had a major heart attack and he was admitted to I.C.U.

The lady rushed to see her husband. Doctors informed her that the patient’s condition would improve within 48 hours. She was in tears, she thanked God and then she touched my parents’ feet and she thanked me a lot for saving her husband’s life.

She told us that she was at home cooking and her husband had taken their child along with him for some household shopping. If she had known well in advance she wouldn’t have sent her husband shopping. Her husband was going through stress after getting fired from his job.

She told all this to the police and the police helped her in getting insurance and medical claim from her husband’s company. It was God who intimated me about this unusual incident, otherwise, I would have rushed home, enjoyed my dinner, watched television and gone to sleep. But I am happy at least one family was saved that night. Thank God, for choosing me as a messenger for saving his life.

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