Write an original short story in which two children and their Grandfather are the main characters.

Rohan and Rohit lived in a small town with their grandfather. Their mother had left for her heavenly abode when they were three years old. Since then, they had been living with their father and grandfather in a small house. Their father was, most of the time, out of station as his job commanded and that left them with their grandfather who looked after them with great love and affection. He was all in all for them. Sometimes he was their father, at other times they saw their mother in him when he cooked food for them or helped them in their studies. Both the brothers were very fond of him.

One day grandfather, while coming back from the market, brought a packet with him. Both the boys were curious to see what was in it. Grandfather opened the packet and showed them that he had brought seeds to sow in their garden. The boys were not happy and made sour faces. They didn’t like it because they had expected that grandpa must have brought some toy or some eatable from the market.

As they were about to leave the room, grandpa told them to help him in sowing the seeds. The boys did it but reluctantly. They were given the duty of watering the soil every day. Many days passed. They watered the ground daily. One day as they went to water the ground, they saw a sapling coming out of the earth. They were amazed. Their hard work had paid. They ran inside to inform grandfather and came back immediately to have another look at nature’s beauty.

Within a few weeks, the sapling turned into a plant and buds grew on it. The boys were elated. They were waiting for the flowers to come out of the buds. Never had they felt so ecstatic as they were today because their hard work had borne fruits. They realised that nature is bountiful. They

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