Write an original short story entitled ‘The Secret’.

The Secret

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in the hot simmering month of July. Mother was reading her favourite book in a cosy and peaceful corner of our home, whereas Father was browsing through the T.V. channels. It was a very satisfying moment of the day since it was to be followed by a heavy brunch. Little did I know that this peaceful aura was going to turn into something extraordinary.

I was in my room, deciding on a very important matter regarding my dolls’ dresses. There was soon to be a competition called “Show and Tell” in school, whereby each participant had to show off his/her favourite item and talk about it. Suddenly something moved into the room. I glanced to the other side. It all seemed fine. Just then suddenly, something zoomed over my head with a low buzzing sound! I stood up jolted, wide-eyed and looking in all directions frantically, not believing what I saw.

“Please, don’t scream! Please, don’t scream!” exclaimed a doll, in a sweet voice, with wings, hovering mid-air, looking at me with doe-eyes.

Mustering courage, I replied, “Who are you?! How are you flying? Are you alive?”

“My name is Merryweather and I live in the forests, among the rarest of flowers found on the Earth. I am a fairy.”

“A fairy! But they don’t exist, do they? Isn’t magic and fairies a myth? A fantasy?” I blabbered.

“No, there are many other fairies like me where I live. However, we don’t venture out of the forest during the day in fear of men. I have heard, men do not treat Mother Nature well. Our Fairy Queen says men exploit nature. Is it true?”

While the little doll-fairy was talking, her dress changed colours with her flapping butterfly-wings giving out sparkle dust. She really was a fairy!

The next day, I was excited for the “Show and Tell” competition in school. I stood first for the same; everybody could not stop praising and admiring my doll. And while everybody was doing so, Merryweather and we winked at each other and giggled because she was my own little secret!

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