Write an original short story entitled: “Lost and found”.

Emily had run away and no one knew where she was –not even Emily herself. She had wandered the streets for a few hours but when it got dark she found a park and hid away in a tall tree. She felt scared, lonely; she wanted to be found but didn’t want to see her parents. She thought they would be angry–just as they always were.

Meanwhile, a woman, Lillian, was dialling on her phone in a panic. “Yes, yes I’d like to speak to the police!” she said, “My daughter, Emily, ran out of the house after we had a bit of an argument this morning and hasn’t come back as yet ….. I know, I know it’s probably too soon to be really worried but she’s only eight and she doesn’t know her way around the area …..”

Emily sat and watched a family of birds in a nearby tree getting ready to go to sleep. She wished that her parents were there with her to put her to bed until she remembered that she was angry with them. They had told her that she couldn’t go to Jamie’s birthday party because she had to go to visit her relatives instead. Emily began feeling nervous about being in the park alone at night, but she had nowhere else to go but she felts after being up high rather than being on the ground.

Lillian and her husband were told that there were officers on the lookout for their daughter but it was going to be very hard to find her before morning; they were still going to try their best. She told the officers who came to the house that, Emily would most likely head towards Pennington in the North-where quite a few of Emily’s friends lived.

Despite the fact that she was scared, Emily nodded off to sleep leaning against a big branch of the tree. She dreamt that she would never be found and woke up with a start to the early morning sun. She really hadn’t been found yet-maybe they weren’t even looking for her!

Lillian had been told that she and her husband had to stay home in case Emily came home, but she was up at the crack of dawn and heading out to go looking for her; making sure her husband stayed home just to be sure. She went towards Pennington but something made her stop at the park. She looked into the trees because she knew that Emily loved climbing and, sure enough, there she was.

Emily saw her mother below her and clambered out of the tree. Her mother ran to her and just hugged her. Emily was surprised but overjoyed. “I was so scared mummy!”

“So was I Sweetie and I am so glad that you’re okay! Please come home; your dad is really missing!” Lillian replied. Emily nodded and took her mother’s hand as they walked home.

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