Write a summary of Who Did Patrick’s Homework?

Patrick was not a lazy boy. He played hockey and basketball with zeal. But he hated doing homework. He had little interest in studies. His teacher warned him to do homework. If he didn’t do so he wouldn’t learn anything.

One day Patrick found his cat playing with a little doll. It was, in fact, not a doll but a small-sized man, an elf. The elf wore a woollen shirt, a tall hat and breeches. He was in trouble. He needed help. Patrick saved his life from the cat. The elf promised to grant him a wish.

Patrick was glad. He called himself lucky. He asked the tiny man to do all his homework for 35 days. The little man showed dislike. But he agreed to keep his promise.

The tiny man, however, did not know much about maths and English. He needed help. Patrick consulted the dictionary. He had to sit beside the man to guide him. He brought many books from the library. He worked very hard to solve all problems.

The elf went away after 35 days. Patrick got good grades in all the subjects. He was a changed boy now. He became a gentle, ideal boy. He still thought he had made the tiny man do all his homework. But, truly speaking, he had done it himself.

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