Short Note on Project Tiger

Project tiger scheme is an on-going scheme under Ministry of Environment, forest and Climate Change. This scheme is focused on increasing number of tiger population in India. Tiger is national animal of our country and also top predator of terrestrial ecosystem. Tiger is an umbrella species because presence of tiger in forest also ensures appropriate population of herbivores and producer. Despite ecological and national importance of this animal, population has declined sharply because of excessive poaching activities. Tiger population in India was observed to be 1827 in the year 1972. Thus there was need to increase population of this species. Project tiger scheme was launched in 1973 during tenure of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

This scheme is focussed on increasing habitat of tiger as a method of in-situ conservation. As a result of this scheme, number of tiger reserves has increased in India. At present, 50 tiger reserves have been established in India. For example, Kanha Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh) is one of the tiger reserves in India. Project tiger scheme has been successful in increasing number of tigers in India. India has 2967 tigers according to 2019 estimate.

Despite, Project Tiger scheme, Tiger is still considered as endangered animal. To improve status of this species, strong legal measures are required to curb poaching activities.

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