Write a pen picture of your grandparents describing the qualities of them which you admire and appreciate the most.

It is well said that grandparents are the pillars of a family and I am lucky enough that my grandparents are still alive. They live in our native village. My grandfather is about 70 and grandmother is about 65. My grandfather served in the army before he retired as a colonel. He is still active and smart. He has a strong will power and manliness in the way he carries himself. He is fond of walking and jogging. He looks after the family farm and briefs the workers every morning. In the evening he asks each one of them to report the progress and work done. He believes in trusting people. My grandmother is a bit fat and small. She is deeply religious. She visits the temple every morning. She supervises the household work and activities. She helps the poor and the needy. She is kind, generous and hospitable. My grandparents visit us in the city on important days such as birthdays or marriage anniversaries, etc. We spend a part of our holidays with them. Their company is a blessing.

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