Write a paragraph describing an incident that occurred during the rains which you can never forget.

Last Friday, I was returning from my office. It was cloudy. I expected heavy rains anytime. I was in a great hurry to reach my home. But unfortunately, as soon as I reached the bus stop, it started raining heavily. I was forced to stand under a shed. Standing there, suddenly I noticed the opposite side of the road, where three puppies were trying to run here and there due to rain. At that time, the mother appeared from somewhere, picked up one of the puppies in her mouth and went running to a tree near by and kept that puppy in a hole of its trunk. She repeated the same with the other two puppies too. I was astonished to see how cleverly it protected its young ones from the terror of rain. At the same time, I also thought that one force of nature took away its refuge and the other provided it a shelter. That is the power of nature, that is the beauty of nature.

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