Write a note on the scope of human geography.

Human geography is a subset of Geography. It concerns itself with the relationship between the physical/natural and the human worlds, the spatial distributions of human phenomena and how they came about, the social and economic differences between different parts of the world. The objective is to understand the earth as the home of human beings and to study all those elements which have sustained them.

Ellen C. Semple gave an interesting definition is, “Human geography is the study of the changing relationship between the unresting man and the unstable earth.” The relation is, thus, dynamic – it changes/evolves with time. Early humans lived in close harmony with nature, as they were frightened by the forces of nature – which they could not understand. Over centuries, these very same humans developed technologies that enabled them to gain knowledge of nature. Soon, technology outstripped with nature. If humans were ‘naturalised’ earlier, now nature was ‘humanised’.

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