Write a note on the role of Mrs. Fitzgerald in the play.

Mrs. Fitzgerald plays a very important role in the play. She is introduced as a fortune teller and the next-door neighbour of the Pearsons. It is through the initial conversation between her and Mrs. Pearson that we come to know the problems that Mrs. Pearson faces. Mrs. Fitzgerald analysis the situation quite objectively and becomes the playwright’s mouthpiece. She also suggests the ways and methods of tackling the situation. Since, Mrs. Pearson does not have the guts to stand for right Mrs. Fitzgerald suggests a novel approach– exchange of personalities. Now, as Mrs. Pearson, with the personality of Mrs. Fitzgerald, she puts the plan of formation in action. She smokes, drinks and plays cards. All this is unusual for the family. She further shocks them by being tough with them in words and action. She asks them to look after themselves. She clearly tells them that she has already worked for more than eight hours that day. She tells them plainly how they behave at home and work place. She is equally blunt with Mr. George Pearson, who goes away every evening to club, leaving his wife alone at home. She reveals to him how the people at club make a fun of him. In short, she makes them realize their responsibility toward the mother. In the end she performs the exchange of personalities once again. Thus, she is the main spring of initial action, climax.

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