Write a letter as Lencho to your friend and tell him about the destruction of your crops, about the letter you wrote to God and also about the reply with money that you received. Express your irritation about the Post Office employees also.

17A, Carter Road
Southern Valley

05th April, 20××

Dear Juan,

Hope this letter of mine will find you hale and hearty. This year I was waiting for good rain, which could shower my corn fields. The rain did come last week but it brought hailstones along with it. The rain had completely ruined my harvest. Me and my family were having nothing to eat. We thought, we will be starving soon. But I had not lost the hope, so I wrote a letter to God and asked him to send me 100 pesos for help. God did help me.

After four days, I received a money-order from God. I got the money but not the full amount, which I had asked for. I got only 70 pesos. My 30 pesos are missing which I doubt these Post-Office employees, who are crooks must have kept it for themselves. I don’t trust them at all. Once again I have written a letter to God to send me the balance 30 pesos. I’m sure he will definitely help me again. I’m waiting for God’s reply.

With love


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