Write a composition on Me and my big mouth!

Well, I am one of those who like to boast about myself. I love to speak to others and boasting about my achievements. People say I have ‘a big mouth’, but I think I have the ‘gift of the gab’. Even my neighbourhood thinks that I am boastful and exaggerative, but they forget to realize that I have the potential of mesmerizing an audience with my words and make them listen alternatively to whatever I blabber. In brief, I think I’ll make a great speaker, a good salesman or a successful politician one day. After all ‘a big mouth’ has to speak some ‘big words’ that can leave a deep impact on others.

People often enjoy a spicy menu to a bland preparation. In a similar manner, people tend to enjoy my spicy versions on any topic that I speak about – be it about myself or about some amazing place that I visited or may be just gossip. ‘Me and my big mouth’ always tend to draw attention, as people show more interest in other peoples’ affairs than their own. Although at times, I speak more than what is required and ‘spill the beans’ in turn.

As opposed to the general perception that capabilities need not be boasted about and that one should not ‘beat the drums’ about his/her achievements, I strongly believe that bragging at times is a positive quality. It makes you get noticed and brings one into the much-wanted limelight. Though you may be brandished as a ‘bragger’ by the common gentry, it does not really matter as long as people come to know your real worth and potential. Trying to reach the platform of fame with the help of a ‘big mouth’ can get you into unnecessary troubles as well. I fell into trouble at times saying things that should not have been said or for exaggerating too much and then getting caught foolishly in trying to flaunt a display of knowledge. Despite the negativity, having ‘the gift of the gab’ is an effective way to introduce yourself to others who may not be aware of your real worth or capabilities otherwise.

Have you ever attended an interview as a job applicant? If so, then you must have seen how the interviewers ask you to introduce yourself for about five minutes. Do you belittle yourself on such occasions? Certainly not! On the contrary, we praise and brag about ourselves and about our achievements at the interview. So, you see there is no harm in boasting about oneself, as long as you do it well!

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