Write a character sketch of Vijay Singh. Do you think he defeated the ghost with his intelligence?

Vijay Singh was a strong wrestler with massive shoulders and muscular arms. He could beat all other wrestlers in the world. But he was fond of boasting of himself, which often landed him in trouble. He used to boast his strength from time to time. He was intelligent enough and defeated the ghost with his cleverness. He used the gift given by an old lady to befool the ghost. The ghost could not crush pieces of rocks but Vijay Singh, taking advantage of the darkness crushed an egg and the lump of salt. But the ghost was confused and thought he had crushed rocks. Vijay Singh was not a greedy person at all, so he returned much of the acquired wealth to the rightful owners. He married the old woman’s grand-daughter to reward the old lady and thanked her for the invaluable gift. Vijay Singh was not only strong and tall man, but wise as well.

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