Write a brief character sketch of Hari Singh in the light of his honesty. Express your opinion also.

Hari Singh, a boy of 15, was an experienced and successful thief. He was successful because of his cleverness and intelligence. He planned everything meticulously before choosing his victims. He went to places where he would meet an unsuspecting victim. He would then win his confidence to get a job. After some time, he used to run away after stealing money from there. Then he used to change his name to befool the police and his former employers. Thus he was a liar. He got a job as a cook, though he could not cook well. He was a greedy boy. He was cruel enough to rob a simple and trusting man like Anil. He managed to steal six hundred rupees from his house. But, there is a transformation at the end of the story, when he decides to come back to Anil and keep his trust alive. This shows that there is goodness concealed in even the worst of men. Hari Singh wanted to become an educated person in future. He wanted to mend his ways by becoming a big, clever and respected man and earn his livelihood honestly instead of stealing.

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