Why is the Englishman’s visit referred to as unexplained mystery?

Nobody could understand the purpose of English poet’s visit to a film studio. They made Tamil films for the simplest sort of people who could not be expected to cultivate a taste for English poetry. Therefore, the visit remained an unexplained mystery.


The visit of the Englishman raised many queries and doubts in the minds of those who were working in Gemini Studios. His name was unfamiliar and his credentials too were unconfirmed. This tall, very English, very serious man’s visit and speech baffled the writer as well as others. No one could understand why he had come to a studio that made Tamil films for simple people. His speech was incongruous and his accent so indistinct that no one actually understood a word. He was talking about the thrills and travails of an English poet. However, later the author discovered him to be Stephen Spender, the editor of a British Periodical, ‘The Encounter’, and a co–author of the book ‘The God that Failed’. Through his book, he got an idea of his journey into communism and his disillusioned return.

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