Why did the thief befriend Anil? Why did he steal Anil’s money? Why did he come back and put Anil’s money back?

The thief befriended Anil because he wanted to have an acquaintance with him so as to make him his next victim. Moreover, he needed a place to live. He started to work for Anil who was a credulous person. Anil started teaching him how to read and write. One day Anil brought a bundle of notes. The thief stole the money though he was out of practice and had not robbed anyone for so many days. After stealing the money, he planned to go to Lucknow. But at the station, his inner conscience pricked him and did not allow him to go. His heart changed as he wanted to be an educated man. So, he returned back and placed the money back in its place. Hari was grateful to Anil because Anil had taught him to read and write and was helping him in becoming an educated man. With education, Hari would be able to achieve much more in life. So he didn’t want to hurt Anil by losing his trust.

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