Why did the Crofter repose confidence in the peddler? How did the peddler feel after betraying the crofter?

The crofter repose confidence in the peddler because he lived alone in a cottage and wanted to enjoy human company. He was generous, kind and often felt lonely. Having found a likeable companion in the peddler, the crofter opened up to him and talked about his work and his saving. Since the peddler seemed incredulous, the crofter took the leather pouch and without any inhibitions showed him the thirty kronor notes. Being a petty thief and always in need of money, peddler took advantage of the crofter’s loneliness and planned to steal the thirty kronor. It did not matter to him that by stealing from the crofter, he would be betraying his trust. Knowing where the old crofter kept his money, the peddler returned when the crofter left his house to milk his cow. He broke the window pane, took the leather pouch, took the money and absconded with it. At first, he felt quite pleased with himself and had no guilt of conscience. However, he soon realised the danger of being caught by the police. He switched to the path, which ran through the forest, became lost eventually. Tired, dejected and unable to find his way, he felt trapped in the rattrap of life just like others.


The peddler was ungrateful for the hospitality shown by the crofter. The crofter welcomed him in his house when he had asked for the shelter. He took good care of him. He immediately put the porridge pot on the fire and gave him supper; then, he carved off a big slice from his tobacco roll and gave it to him. Finally, he brought out an old pack of cards and played ‘mjolis’ with him until bedtime. Not only this, the old man was just as generous with his ‘confidence’ as with his porridge and tobacco. He told him at once that in his days of prosperity, his host had been a crofter at Ramsjo Ironworks and had worked on the land. And now he had thirty kroners, which he had earned by selling the milk of his cow. He did all this because he was alone and felt happy to have his company. However, the peddler betrayed the crofter’s trust. After they both had left in the morning, the peddler came back to the crofter’s house, broke open the window and stole the thirty kroners, which he had earned by selling the milk of his cow.

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