Why did Sadao help the American soldier to escape? How did he do it?

Dr. Sadao was a doctor. So it was his moral duty to save the wounded person. He had given a new lease of life to the American prisoner of war. He and his wife Hana had taken a lot of pain to save his life. He didn’t want to throw him into the jaws of death again. He asked the young soldier to take his private boat at night. He advised him to row in the cover of darkness to a little island nearby. The young American could live there until he saw a Korean fishing boat pass by. Many of them passed by the island. He put food, water bottle and two quilts in the boat. He was also advised if the food ran out before he caught a boat, he could signal two flashes. He was not to signal in darkness because he could be seen. Thus, the prisoner escaped in a safe manner.


Dr Sadao was sheltering an enemy in his house. This was no more a secret. It was the cause of great deal of tension to his wife and him. Dr Sadao worked upon an idea to get rid of the man and discussed it with the prisoner. He decided to put his boat on shore that night, with food, bottled water and clothing plus two quilts. The man was to row to the little island not far from th coast. The island was uninhabited. The man would be safe there till a Korean fishing boat passed by. In the night, the boat was pulled down with all the provisions in it, which he had secretly purchased during the day. He even gave him a flashlight along with some instructions. If his food ran out before catching a boat, he had to signal twice, at sunset. If everything was all right and he was still there, he was to signal once. The man escaped and Sadao had a peaceful sleep

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