Why did Matilda’s husband go out into the cold night, minutes after returning from the ball? Was he successful in his purpose?

On returning from the ball, Matilda removed the wraps from her shoulders before the glass, for a final view of herself in her glory. Suddenly she uttered a cry, her necklace was not around her neck. Loisel already half undressed asked her “What was the matter ?” She informed Loisel about the missing necklace of Madame Forestier. They looked for it in the folds of the dress, in the folds of the cloak, in the pockets, everywhere. But they could not find it. Finally, Loisel dressed again, he went over the track, where they went on foot to see if he could find it. He went out into the cold night searching for the lost necklace. He went on foot over the route, he filed a police complaint, enquired cab offices and even put an advertisement in newspapers, offering a reward. Towards seven o’clock he returned home. All his efforts went in vain, he was not able to find the lost necklace.

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