Why did Matilda change her lifestyle after the ball?

After wearing an expensive dress and diamond necklace in the ball, she danced with enthusiasm, intoxicated with pleasure. All the men noticed her, asked her name and wanted to be presented. Thinking all about this admiration, she got careless and lost the necklace. Loisel’s all search was in Vain. There was no alternative left except replacing it to Madame Forestier. They bought a real similar diamond necklace for thirty six thousand francs. They managed eighteen thousand francs on their own and borrowed the rest from moneylenders. The debt incurred was much beyond their capacity to pay and thus they had to make severe compromises in their lifestyle, foregoing every luxury. Matilda worked laboriously at the household chores while Mr. Loisel overworked at the office. Thus, they slogged for ten long years to pay back the full loan.

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